About Us
We believe in creating an environment that fosters collaboration, provides exceptional results and is focused on our core values (Humility, Initiative, Passion, Positivity, Integrity, and Excellence). As a user-focused, conflict-free commercial real estate provider, our team is nimble, creative and backed by over 100 years of collective problem-solving experience. Each relationship created motivates us to be the highest regarded real estate tenant representative and project management team in the Twin Cities.
Our Team

Jim Jetland
President, Partner
T 952-525-3333
Steve Brown
Executive Vice President, Partner
T 952-525-3335
Mike Nordstrom
Executive Vice President of Operations
T 612-860-4371
Misty Bowe
Vice President
T 952-525-3336
Dan Lofgren
Vice President
T 651-428-3867
Wally Tufvander
Vice President, Project Management
T 952-525-3341
Barb Obarski
Client Coordinator
T 952-525-3339
Reed Salmon
Lease Administrator
T 952-525-3331
Katie Trevena
Senior Associate
T 952-525-3332
Maddie Carroll
Client Coordinator
T 952-525-3337
M 952-221-0808
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